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    Hi guys, I'm using a Tesco Hudl and theres a new update for it to fix many screen issues us Hudl users are having, but when I restarted the tablet to update it, it would fail and by pressing the vol up button I could bring up the details, by the looks of it its trying to comapare the hashes of the defult installed apps and what they should be but for some reason there not the same so I figured that intergrating the app updates into the ROM might help so I done that with TB (Titainium Backup), and then retried updating but it still hasn't worked though the reason I'm here is because intergrating the updates seem to have broken so of the apps now I'm started to get the Google Keybord Not Reasonding error even when I'm not using the keybord and an anoyying popup from Google+ saying to reinstall it. These keep popping up every 30 seconds to every minute..... I can do anything with these keep appearing, so would anyone know how to un-integrate the updates? I haven't found an option in TB to do this.

    Many thanks
    06-18-2014 12:18 PM
  2. napster100's Avatar
    No worries now guys, thanks if you did take a look though. I just restored Google+ and Google Keyboard and the app's data from my TB backups. Works fine now, no annoying popups thankgod
    06-18-2014 02:34 PM

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