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    I make business calls from my cell, about 100-130 per day. I'm trying to eliminate the process of physically dialing the next number between calls. Is there an app I can use where I could program my list of 1000+ numbers, and call through the list by tapping some kind of 'next' button? Or perhaps have the app trigger dialing the next number when I tap 'end call'?

    I'm looking for anything that can speed up this process! Any suggestions?
    Thank you!!
    06-18-2014 03:24 PM
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    I never heard of an app like this but just to be sure I looked around some.. Didn't see any that accomplish this.

    What I'd suggest is if you know the numbers you need to call (like if they are in an email or something) you could use Google Keep. You could make a new note each day and copy / paste the numbers into the Note... It would then sync to your phone and you could simply tap each number to call it instead of manually dialing it.

    You could probably do this with any Note taking app of your choice.. But that's how I would do it if I was in your shoes.

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    06-18-2014 04:02 PM

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