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    I have two google accounts linked to my android phone(just one phone). I registered with one account when I set up the phone and later added the second account. I want to make the second account the ONLY account associated with the phone. I have free apps I installed using both google email address accounts. In order to "review" apps, I have to use the account it was installed with and I don't want two google+ setups and have one for the second email address. I tried deleting an app, switching to the other email address/acount, and then installing it. Google then installed it as associated with the first account. Why? There's no way to get a list of all the apps I have installed that I can refer to later if I just delete the first account from the phone and then go about installing the lost apps. Any ideas? How do I move an app associated with emailAddress1@gmail.com to emailAddress2@gmail.com? This is NOT a case of getting a new phone and wanting the apps there. I want to be able to remove the first email address and all associated apps, and then reinstall them on the second without having to manually write down the names of all the apps.
    06-18-2014 06:34 PM
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    Once an app is associated with an account that's where it will stay forever! Keeps people from sharing apps with others!

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    06-18-2014 07:52 PM

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