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    I recently got a galaxy s5 and at first it charged super fast. It would go from 15% to 100% in and hour or so, but all of a sudden it started to charge 1% every 10 minutes. I still use the charger given to me in the box and I use a wall outlet. I checked my settings for my battery status and it said "charging(USB)" even though i was using a outlet? I tried charging with my sisters galaxy s4 charger and it charged pretty fast. Is it my charger that's the problem? sorry for the long post
    06-19-2014 08:54 AM
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    This will happen when the cable becomes damaged. It may seem fine and still transfer data and all of that, but I think if you were to try another cable you see a difference. Hopefully it is the cable and not the port... You could try compressed air, perhaps it's just dirty and not making a good connection. That usually ends up being the port since the phone is exposed to dirt more than the cable, however new cable are usually a tight fit the first few times you use them and will usually clean off the connection inside of the phone. What is the real tell in this is the fact that your phone plugged into the wall says that it is USB connected and not charging. The device recognizes the lower voltage supply and assumes that it is connected to a PC/other device and not an outlet. You may be able to test this by using the device while charging. Under abnormally low voltage supply most devices will popup with a message that "your device cannot charge due to using more current than is provided. please connect to an outlet to charge." This condition can also cause the device to over heat while charging, so you may want to act fast rather than wait. Your corp store w/tech support will usually clean the port at no charge and inspect it for other damage.

    On a side note there have been some updates that also cause the device to charge more slowly, however most of the time if it was an update that changed the way something worked you would be seeing other threads about it, and they don't usually cause the device not to recognize its charging source.
    06-19-2014 09:14 AM
  3. jesikah6's Avatar
    Thank you for posting this question as it helped me to realize the same thing is happening to my S5. I picked my device up from the T-Mobile corporate store approximately 29hrs ago and it has been charging extremely slowly ever since. It never even occurred to me to check how the phone registered the charging cord, but when I checked, the OEM cord registers as "USB" and my old S3 cord registers as "AC". I will be calling TMo in the morning to sort this out.
    06-30-2014 03:23 AM

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