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    Hey everyone! Well, today I got a new Unlocked AT&T LG Optimus G Pro off of a friend and he said that he, "tried" using a Straight Talk SIM card for the phone and it worked perfectly. I'm not sure if he did or not, but now I've already spent $60 that is non-refundable to me from purchasing the Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone SIM Activation Kit. I activated it earlier today around 3PM and ever since I've been having nothing but frustrating times out of it. I'm amazed by this phone and I LOVE it since I've never had a phone like this before; Always the small, simple phones. With the APN, I've tried SO many different ones today. I've searched everywhere on Google for different APN's, in hope for one of them to work.

    What the problem is..Well, I can call, text, etc. But with accessing Internet on my phone, it's completely useless. I use Speedtest.net to test the speed and sometimes it goes up to around 20.00MB/s download which is great! Upload goes up to around 8.00MB/s. Shortly after obtaining those rare speeds, it drops completely down to 0.01MB/s download speeds and the upload drops a bit to around 2.00MB/s - 6.00MB/s. It usually doesn't even complete the speed test and says that I have network communication issues. I'm so frustrated, upset, and I've wasted at least a good five - seven hours attempting to make this phone work. Wifi works perfectly of course, but the 4G LTE speeds itself doesn't work AT ALL. I'm leaving tomorrow for a big trip (A few week trip.) I'm in dire need of making it work right now and being stable. I need a phone and my recent one just ran out of service, so I'd have to go and blow another $45 bucks on a month for this one.

    I also contacted Straight Talk Customer Support online and told them the problem. I told the person helping me what was wrong. They suggested to turn off the phone, make sure I have the SIM card in correctly, and to just start up again to test it. Of course, being desperate and willing to try anything, I did just to make sure and still nothing. I told him it didn't work and then asked him if he'd like to see the APN information they gave me at Wal-Mart today to set up the data. I told him, and then immediately he just posted the quick-response of, "I'm afraid I cannot help you, you must call customer service for support." included with a whole bunch of information on closing times and their number. Then he proceeded to leave the chat right after posting that, just leaving me helpless. I've never had any of these problems before out of Straight Talk. Everything has always went so smooth but now it's making me frustrated like crazy! Any help? /:
    06-21-2014 01:27 AM
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    That's ST for you. They have zero customer service. Good luck.

    Sent from Surulere, lagos. Nigeria.
    06-21-2014 01:45 AM

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