04-16-2019 09:42 AM
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  1. Pola31's Avatar
    Hi there i have similar problem. Video is stopping but the voice not! I dont know whats going on. I neved had this problem before. Its everywhere on yt, my storage vids etc. Any solution? I checked all of tips which u mentioned above. Do u think its am software update problem?
    05-10-2016 03:26 AM
  2. Joshking2002's Avatar
    When I play any video in my new samsung s5, it keeps on pausing again & again. Even if I am staring right on the screen...still it keeps on pausing again & again.
    Need a solution.
    Found a way that helps me I had the same problem but all u do is go to Google and select ok Google voice detection and turn from all screens off that should fix it
    06-17-2016 06:06 AM
  3. ashwinsagar121's Avatar
    I got solution.

    I have MOTO G3 Marshmallow. i was facing same problem in youtube app, opera, and chrome.
    i read somewhere to update flash player but i didn't found flash player in installed app and in Play store.
    but dolphin browser was installed in my phone it has adobe flash player.
    So i updated Dolphin browser and problem solved now.
    07-15-2016 04:58 AM
  4. Nicky Jones's Avatar
    It's the Google App. I turned off all notifications from Google and it stopped on my S6
    08-08-2016 09:51 AM
  5. XxeveryCODplayerxX's Avatar
    Go to your gestures turn off where is says flip phone to pause.
    08-27-2016 07:37 AM
  6. Mohamed AbuShwareb's Avatar
    I had the same problem , tryed all nothing works , finally I turned the NFC off and everything went normal
    09-29-2016 03:45 PM
  7. Antwun Trademark's Avatar
    I think I am having the same problem, when I am trying to watch videos on YouTube every time I press play it will pause the video, as if I paused it myself, then I have to press play again. I tried looking for smartpause and any thing that has to do with gestures on my phone and I can't find anything.
    Thank you, you found my problem. My headphones are a little shorted.
    11-15-2016 05:42 AM
  8. Talha 9074's Avatar
    I had this happen with my note edge. With the videos. .. just recently also when I'd use Google search the keyboard would close in the middle of typing clear what i was typing and irritate the crap out of me.... it started after I turned on daydream.. and stopped after I shut it off...

    Settings:display and wallpaper:daydream off

    Posted via the Android Central App
    Ame problem like ur and when i play song it also closes and then it happens again and again i need solution please ..
    11-26-2016 03:08 PM
  9. Boas De Bloois's Avatar
    I am on a galaxy s7 right now and i've got the same issue. Youtube keeps pausing and since a few days I recognised the gallery also stops when playing. Can someone help?
    12-01-2016 03:22 PM
  10. Jerry Rawlusyk's Avatar
    That was my problem as well. Thank you
    01-18-2017 05:44 PM
  11. Xyrachu's Avatar
    Internal memory
    05-23-2017 05:12 AM
  12. Xyrachu's Avatar
    Me too my videk keep pausing
    05-23-2017 05:13 AM
  13. AJ Ysland's Avatar
    The problem lies in the screen timing out (at least with YouTube) I have a similar problem with Pandora. I know for a fact that when watching videos the video stops precisely every 10 minutes, which is what I have my screen time-out set to. I will continue to finick with my settings until I get to the bottom of this.
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    09-07-2017 04:48 AM
  14. Grimmersb's Avatar
    I had this problem but I seem to have fixed it by turning smart stay On!
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    10-16-2017 04:38 PM
  15. Mrbillnfla's Avatar
    Fixed Go to Settings>Apps, select Facebook, and Force Stop, then Clear Cache/Clear Data. Now open Facebook again, log back in, fixed mine, galaxy S8.
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    11-12-2017 04:00 AM
  16. Naresh Kumar26's Avatar
    I am mia1 user faced the same problem ..I just restarted my mobile ..it worked ..don't know it works for all or not...
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    01-12-2018 12:03 AM
  17. Epoen2012's Avatar
    I dealt with mine pausing for 3 to 4 months. I finally figured it out (with mime anyway). It's a third party app. Mine was either GO SMS PRO or a third party keyboard. Start deleting third party apps one by one and test your music player or youtube or whatnot. It may take some time but you will eventually find the culprit! I hope I saved some people some headaches lol.
    06-19-2018 05:37 PM
  18. Richard Birdsall's Avatar
    When I play any video in my new samsung s5, it keeps on pausing again & again. Even if I am staring right on the screen...still it keeps on pausing again & again.
    Need a solution.
    Every app I tried to listen to, audible, YouTube, podcasts, etc., Would pause every other second. I used the developer options to view running apps and closed one by one, then would hit play. The only app that I would close that resulted in no more pausing was the chrome browser app. After stopping it's services, all was smooth sailing!
    07-25-2018 07:13 AM
  19. TrillyReign's Avatar
    Not sure if anyone's still on this post, but this happened to me qhen i deny a app the "audio focus" permission
    11-03-2018 06:28 PM
  20. Linda Steele1's Avatar
    I had the same problem with videos and YouTube pausing constantly. This solved the video and the Google maps minimizing problem:

    How to turn off Google Maps popup mini map
    Open the Settings app.
    Tap on Apps & notifications.
    Tap on Advanced.
    Tap on Picture-in-picture.
    Tap on Maps.
    Turn OFF “Allow picture-in-picture”
    04-16-2019 09:42 AM
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