1. robert7107's Avatar
    so almost had phone stolen and feel i need to protect my personal,valuable information...... i don't care for the pattern or signature so which is better pin or password? password is consider according to the device high in security level.... next question is how many attemps are given for phone locks you completely out ? how do you recover it besides are hard reboot? all my info in backed up on drives such as att,google...... my phone is a samsung note 3 thru att...
    06-24-2014 10:00 PM
  2. SAMmarked1's Avatar
    Password is the highest security, you can also go through and encrypt everything. Best thing you can do is DL app like lookout that has GPS tracking and allows you remote access to wipe the phone or sound the alarm. Also useful is the ability to write a warning of your owner info on the screen.
    06-24-2014 10:37 PM
  3. robert7107's Avatar
    i have avg which covers remote wipes out data. my main concern is if my daughter tries to use phone and doesnt know password how many times before you are locked out
    06-24-2014 10:54 PM
  4. SAMmarked1's Avatar
    You can change it but it goes up to 9-10 times then it locks you out and sends a email to your gmail. I would recommend make her a user account, that way she knows not to go on yours. The new Kitkat update allows multiple users - it's in settings, device, and users. Just hit add.

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-24-2014 10:58 PM

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