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    I have a problem with my keyboard on Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. Phone is non-rooted, non-modded. Android version: 4.0.4

    Keyboard works fine, but when I try to use it in some apps, those applications crash (YouTube stoped working; unfortunately browser stopped working etc.). So.. apps run fine, until no keyboard call is made.

    Apps where keyboard doesn't work:
    -Facebook when sending messages and using search
    -Facebook messenger app
    -Browser when google searching (also other search engines)
    -YouTube when searching
    -Gmail (default email app works)
    -Google Keep and also Evernote
    -Twitter when tweeting and searching

    Apps work fine but as soon as I try to bring up the keyboard, that app stops.

    Apps where keyboard works fine:
    -Google search on Mozilla browser works
    -sending SMS
    -Facebook when updating status
    -Google Quickoffice

    What have I already done:
    -Instaling other keyboards
    -Deleting and clearing data/ adjusting keyboard settings
    -Reseting phone (3x) with 'Automatic Restore' checked and unchecked, powering off, removing battery
    -full factory data reset: deleting everything and starting fresh
    -clearing clipboard
    -Software update, System update
    -I also ran Xperia Diagnostics (useless tool btw)
    -virus scan (Avast)-> everything is OK.
    -I spent 10 days searching web, trying to find a solution
    -I also installed older versions of these applications (apk-s)

    I think that I did everything possible and still no solution...

    Please HELP! Anything!!
    Thank you!
    06-25-2014 05:46 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Have you tried booting into Safe Mode? There might be some app you keep on reinstalling that is causing this instability, so it might still surface even after a hard reset, since the app might reinstall automatically.
    09-01-2014 01:08 AM
  3. uporabnik2's Avatar
    thx for the reply.
    It just occurred to me that two months ago.. I was updating youtube application and my phone reminded me that google play services should also be updated in order to access the updated youtube.

    When I tried to update google play services, a pop-up window came up saying that my phone is not supported or sth, but I was still able to proceed and I updated google play services as well.

    Is "google play services" app in any way connected to the keyboard? I tried downgrading google play services but the problem is still here.
    09-01-2014 10:11 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Google Play Services covers a lot of Google-related functions ( https://developer.android.com/google...ces/index.html), but I doubt it caused any problems with the keyboard. Have you tried Safe Mode?

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    09-01-2014 01:19 PM
  5. uporabnik2's Avatar
    Yes I did try to run it in safe mode, but keyboard is still not working. :/
    09-01-2014 01:49 PM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    It sounds like a fundamental problem with the firmware, unfortunately. Try talking to Sony support.

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    Please excuse any typos or autocorrect derps.
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    09-01-2014 04:11 PM

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