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    My son's Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is telling me that I have no storage space left. He's always had trouble with space for apps because of the 8G internal storage, only about 4.5 is available. We found a way to move the obb files from his 2 larger games (Fifa 14 and NFS) to an external SD card when he's not playing the game. So basically, he'll have one of the two games on the internal storage and one on the SD card and then he'll switch them when he wants to play the other game. Bit of a pain, but it seemed to work. However, this week when he was trying to switch the games, it didn't work. Right now, both obb files are on the external SD card and neither is on the internal storage. When I go into settings and look at the storage, only 2.2 GB is taken up by applications, 168KB by audio and 385MB by miscellaneous files. There ought to be plenty of space left, but I keep getting a "not enough space" message whenever I try to do anything. Is there a solution to this problem??
    06-25-2014 09:05 AM
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    With the 2.2 GB taken up by games, and the nearly 4 GB for the OS, that is 6.6 out of 8. The .4 GB of Misc, brings it to 7. Sadly, the Tab 2 8 GB is just not large enough to have big games on there.
    08-26-2014 09:56 PM

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