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    Samsung Galaxy S5, running AT&T service. I can get the picture, but it loads as a triangle with an "!" in the middle. I can save the photo, and go in to my albums and see the photo as a small preview but if I click on it to enlarge it, it acts like a broken link (squiggly line with a ? in the middle).

    I have another buddy who also sees this happen with his Galaxy S4......We are both on AT&T.

    This mostly happens from a buddy of mine who has an iPhone (Verizon).....But it doesn't happen all the time so we were thinking that it only happened if he edited or enhanced the image before he sent it.

    Well.....Today it happened with another buddy of mine, and he has a Droid MAXX (Verizon). So it isn't specific to iPhones.....

    I had another iPhone (AT&T) user take a pic and send it to me, and I could see her pic just fine.....

    So it seems like this might be an issue between AT&T and Verizon maybe?
    06-25-2014 05:49 PM
  2. mandichica415's Avatar
    Can confirm.

    I also have a Samsung Galaxy and AT&T and have had trouble recently receiving picture messages from Verizon iPhones.

    I have not had issues receiving them from Sprint or AT&T iPhones.

    The senders said they did not attempt any edits on the photos before they were sent.

    It first happened to me on June 19th and has happened a few times since then.
    06-26-2014 05:55 PM

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