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    Many Android smartphone users complain that battery in their devices ends before the end of day. This of course turns them off because, no battery, no use of smartphone features. There are complains even for branded smartphones. So what exactly drains the battery of your Android smartphone? Let us try to discover ways to avoid quick battery drain in Android devices.
    You can read more over: What sucks your Android smartphone battery? | Rapidsoft Technologies
    06-26-2014 04:53 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Thank you for posting. The article is worth reading.
    I also think we should bear in mind how good our batteries really are. A day's use out of such a small package is a marvellous achievement on the part of the manufacturers. We owe them thanks rather than keep complaining about "poor" battery life.

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    06-26-2014 06:34 AM

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