1. iAmJuanKarlo's Avatar
    A friend of mine wants to update his phone's ROM/firmware, he wants to know what is the best ROM for his phone? I guess, it's a good thing to have the latest Android OS right? I'm so sorry, I'm an iOS user. I was just helping him out in making a decision. He is using a Samsung S3, Philippines edition, that is if the country matters, you know I was thinking the firmware or ROM or something depends on what country you're in..
    06-29-2014 04:43 AM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    That's a highly subjective question. I'm actually surprised it did not draw a bunch of instant replies of ROM x vs y vs z debate. LOL

    Myself, I favor the streamlined approach. Something ASOP flavored with not a lot of Tinkering. Then add Xposed Framework and customize the ROM in exactly the way you like by adding Modules under Xposed. But that's just me.

    Have your friend read up here: Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com By going through the various Rooting, ROMs and Hacks subforums for the device he'll get a good idea of what is out there.
    06-29-2014 12:13 PM

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