1. AC Question's Avatar
    Heres my example ...I go to dial my wife, her name is Katherine so i push 5284 (kath) and a contact i have in my phone by the name of J Javiar comes up ( also obviously 5284). I guess because j is before k in the alphabet. I never call J Javiar but I dont want to delete him from my phone. This is just one example it happens with other contacts as well. Is there a way to customize this so it doesnt happen and my wife, who i call multiple times a day comes up?? It didnt happen on my LG G2. I don't know why. I feel like as good as this phone is , it ought to have the technology to "learn" that I never call J Javiar and automatically know I want to dial my wife. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    07-01-2014 07:24 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    How about typing her last name instead? Or just placing a Direct Dial widget for her on your homescreen, which would let you call her with one touch?
    09-02-2014 01:13 AM

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