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    I need to do a full factory data reset. My phone has been giving me trouble since the software updates. I can't use Kies at all. I tried the Kies lite and it said I needed to use Kies 3. I tried to back up on that and, it would recognize my device but, not actually get beyond the screen that says it's getting the back up data loaded. I read on these different forums and, I see lots of people can't use Kies either. I don't want to root my phone bacause I will be asking the warranty department for another device after I reset the ohone and, it still won't work.. Most likely that is. I sold phones for AT&T for 4 years before, I know how it works. Does anyone have any other suggestions, please? I have a 32g sd card and mostly everything is already on that. I just wanted to keep my settings and some of the small amount of pictures, texts and other items I didn't move to the sd card.

    So frustrated!

    07-02-2014 01:57 PM
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    Hi Jessica,

    Sorry to hear about your frustrating problem. As for your settings, as long as you select to sync them with either Samsung's Cloud service or Google's (I prefer the latter), your settings are already backed up. As for the pictures and other data, you could transfer them to the PC just as if your phone were an USB stick. All your installed apps will automatically re-download if you choose to do so when setting up the same account on a new device.

    Personally I've never had issues with Kies, but a friend of mine did, and what we did to fix the problem was to remove the driver for the phone, reboot, and let it re-install. Others I've read go the extra mile by also removing Kies from their computer, rebooting, and just doing a clean reinstall.
    07-02-2014 02:07 PM

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