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    So, I'm having issues when trying to connect to WiFi. I enable WiFi and normally it just auto connects to the network with the best signal. Today it wasn't connecting to anything, and when I went in to my settings to manually connect, I noticed the problem. When it attempts to connect to my network, the signal strength literally plummets to poor/nothing from excellent, and from what I can tell the network just doesn't get detected in the scan anymore.

    I have reset my phone, I installed a WiFi Fixer app that seemed highly recommended, and nothing has helped. I'm running the latest version as far as I know, not rooted, and if it means much, no physical damage to my phone whatsoever. I've only had it about two months now. I have some screenshots of signal strength difference, but I'm new here and have no idea how to attach them anywhere.
    07-03-2014 12:36 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    I suppose you've tried removing/replacing battery which sometimes helps when you can't connect to wifi.

    Regarding screenshots, when you post a reply, press the paperclip symbol near top right to add an attachment to your text, go into Gallery or whatever it is on your device, select screenshots, press the one you want to attach, then press the send arrow top right.

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    07-03-2014 04:36 PM

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