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    Have Samsung Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C, android 4.0.4.

    More and more my device is hanging - usually multiple times daily. I have installed many apps and removed a few. I thought they were to blame but no longer think that because the problem is across the board and I usually use "top developers."

    My first smart phone but computer "power user" since 1985. Never seen this. Do not understand this. Shutting down running programs using Battery Doctor and releasing memory with CleanSweep one tap boost. Same problemd.

    I'm seeing complaints on this forum about Samsung in general. Due to unfortunate circumstances, this is my ONLY "computer" for now and is essential to me. I cannot buy another model at this time.

    Thinking about uninstalling much of recent additions and starting again. Any thoughts?
    07-04-2014 10:01 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Try booting into Recovery Mode and wiping the cache partition, which won't erase any personal data. Follow the steps in this video, and see if they're successful (the video is for the Galaxy Proclaim, not the Centura). Make sure you select wipe cache partition, and not wipe data/factory reset.

    In generally, battery saver and RAM booster apps don't help, and can be counterproductive, so I recommend against them.
    09-01-2014 08:53 PM

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