1. AC Question's Avatar
    I was reading about how to make the Galaxy S5 faster on several different websites. I changed a lot of things and now I want to go back and get my S voice to work. I've turned it back on to wake up by speaking and double tapping the home key but it does not work. I don't know how to undo this. Also, I want to try the hand motions but they don't work either. What have I done?
    07-04-2014 08:35 PM
  2. peacefulberry's Avatar
    Under settings> my device make sure voice control and motion is on. Also, it won't hurt to make sure speech output is on by going to settings, my device, language and output, speech output.
    07-04-2014 08:54 PM
  3. Debra Thomas's Avatar
    I've done that but I was changing a lot of settings to stop apps running in the background etc. and I can't remember all that I changed.
    07-04-2014 09:06 PM
  4. peacefulberry's Avatar
    I've done that but I was changing a lot of settings to stop apps running in the background etc. and I can't remember all that I changed.
    Did you change any of the developer options?
    07-04-2014 09:16 PM
  5. Debra Thomas's Avatar
    No, I don't think so.
    07-04-2014 09:20 PM
  6. peacefulberry's Avatar
    No, I don't think so.
    Go to your application list under settings, more, application manager, then see if s voice is disabled.
    07-04-2014 09:31 PM
  7. Debra Thomas's Avatar
    I did a live chat with Samsung and after an hour of doing this and that and letting the tech have remote access to my phone...still not fixed. She wanted me to do a hard reset...it is now 12:45 at night and I told her I would take it in to the U. S. Cellular store. I took it in and after the rep there did an online chat with Samsung and tried this and that the Samsung tech went to her supervisor and was told that the option to open S Voice with just your voice and not double tapping the home button was disabled with the new update. What the heck? Do and update and take something away and don't even tell your techs? I'm still having issues with some of the motions and gestures not working. After a live chat again today I'm about ready to take the damn thing back. Tech told me to take it to a Best Buy to flash the software again...I didn't buy it from a Best Buy and the nearest one is an hour away. The she wanted some numbers from my phone to see about the warranty...I had already told her I just bought the phone. Then, she wants me to send it back for service. I told her I would take it back to U. S. Cellular and get another phone. Then...she suggested I take it back to my carrier for help..What the heck...that's what I had just told her I would do!
    07-06-2014 06:45 PM

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