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    Hi, I dropped my phone and the screen cracked today but it looks like the hardware of the phone is still fine. The touch screen unfortunately no longer works so I can't get pass the main menu.

    I assume this phone is as good as done, but I am trying to retrieve my pictures on the phone. When I plug in my USB however, I can't get into USB mode on the phone (since I can't approve it on the phone end) so nothing gets connected.

    It doesn't look like my bluetooth was ever set up (it was in my car, if somehow that helps) with my laptop, or if it was but my laptop can't no longer pick up on the signal. I thought I had an auto-import system going on with iPhoto whenever I plugged in, but it doesn't look like it'll work unless I again, approve the USB mode.

    Most of my files are fine, but I haven't plugged in in about 2 weeks and I've taken a lot of cool photos since then. Was wondering if there was anything I can do to get my files..
    07-05-2014 08:20 PM
  2. v1v14n's Avatar
    There are many apps in the playstore to transfer files between your phone and the laptop over wi-fi. The one I use is.


    Sent from my GT-P3100
    07-06-2014 02:48 AM
  3. vandelaychips's Avatar
    Just to clarify, I'm using the Nexus 4 (LG).

    I downloaded the wifi file transfer. I am not sure how to access it from my PC, but I am skeptical that this would work since it's noted that I would have to be on the same wifi as my phone. My phone relies on unlimited data for internet access and has never gone into a wifi network.

    Regardless, it also looks like to set up the program, I would have to use my phone at some point. Let me clarify again, at this point my screen is broken and the touch screen does not work at all, so I wouldn't be able to "Start" any programs.
    07-06-2014 12:32 PM
  4. blackveils's Avatar
    I don't know what happens when people connect with wire to Windows or Mac computer, but I have never needed to activate anything using a Linux computer.

    maybe try downloading a Linux Mint operating system, burn as image at slowest speed to a blank DVD, then boot your computer to the DVD. open file manager (which I think is called "files") then locate your android device from the left pane.

    booting to the DVD loads a temporary operating system, its a demo setup, which you can interact with. when finished, find a shutdown option in the menu.

    this might not work at all, as I don't know how your phone is setup, all I know is I have never needed to allow a connection, just plug it in and I can browse the files.

    choose the "xfce" edition, which is at the bottom:

    I just remembered if you have a Windows 8 computer then this will probably be awkward, try Ubuntu instead:
    07-06-2014 12:59 PM

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