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    Hey there! Ever since KitKat, and the last couple weeks especially, my Note 3 has had absolutely terrible signal strength compared to what it used to be. Two bars 4g at most, and often down to mid 3g or even no signal in places I never had a problem with previously. I live in a large metro area, just outside Detroit.

    Anyways, been looking everywhere lately trying to find a solution for those Note 3 users experiencing this that are stuck with Verizon (whereas the other companies apparently have fixed the issue). Found one page suggesting to use a different modem, and happily started the process with plans to downgrade to MJE. However, upon launching my phone into Odin, it's seemingly stuck on the downloading - do not turn off phone screen! What in the world am I missing, here?

    Thanks for any help! Also, any other suggestions for fixes to this are greatly encouraged.
    07-06-2014 09:59 PM

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