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    Hey guys,
    I just tried rooting for the first time with my sprint gs4 model number: sph-l720
    Basebrand version: L720vpufnae
    It worked fine with odin and i successfully gained superuser access. I downloaded titanium back up in an attempt to speed up my phone by deleting some bloatware. Unfortunately a few minutes after deleting samsung hub and some yahoo and google apps i keep getting the pop up samsung hub has stopped. After i click ok on the pop up it cancels out for a second then the alert pops up again. I can only get one tap of the screen in before the pop up stops me from accessing my phone and making me press ok. I tried reseting the phone to factory settings but after it turns on the pop up starts popping up again. The phone also wont load the samsung hub widget on the start page like when i first bought it. any ideas would be greatly appreciated? i already tried stopping the cache in the application manager
    07-07-2014 05:11 AM

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