1. AC Question's Avatar
    hi there,
    i just got my s5 yesterday and apps such as facebook, weather ones or google maps, they generally find your rough whereabouts without gps on. with my old s3 you were able to select the "Access to my location" option in location services, im more then likely just blind and i cant find anything like that on my s5. if any of the apps want to know where you are, i need to put my gps on and i dont want to have that on all the time.
    does the s5 have an option like access my location, without needing the gps on? or it purely doesnt?
    cheers in advance
    07-09-2014 02:47 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! You should be able to set your Location Services to "Battery Saving," which uses wi-fi and cell signal to estimate your position. Not sure exactly where on a Samsung device that is, but on my Nexus 5, go to Settings>Location>Mode​.
    07-09-2014 01:18 PM

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