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    I have a Verizon Wireless Note 2 and I understand it's global ready. I read about that it was apn locked before and require rooting to use data using a local Hong Kong SIM, but it looks like with the new software push now I can add new APN freely as I wish.

    Therefore I got a new data prepaid SIM (also has voice/text) from 3HK today. Inserted the tiny SIM into my phone, and tried to activate the SIM by dialing ##107*0#. It kept texting me that failed to activate data prepaid SIM. However, when I tried to make phone calls, they are able to go through. Next I looked into the problem and found that I have to change my APN settings. I did with various settings to try out the options, attempting to make it work but it looks like it's not working nonetheless.

    I read that online some phones just don't work, and some people have requested replacement and got the phone to receive data. However, I am not in the US at the moment and will not have the luxury of having Verizon Wireless sending me a new phone. I will contact 3HK tomorrow to see if it's the network or the phone but I have a feeling it's Verizon that's causing the problem. Any fix?
    07-09-2014 11:32 AM

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