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    I have an Motorola RAZR HD(XT926). Rooted from Verizon over to T-Mobile. I am trying to setup Google Voice. It doesn't seem to let me have updates anymore, unable to have KitKat, and I've come to terms with that. ;(

    I really want Google Voice thought! I need another phone to ring as my tmobile service often doesn't even ring. All of a sudden I just get a voicemail! It's infuriating, but cheap. >={

    I get far enough to 'pick my number' and it will say there is an error on the Google Web Page. Sometimes I can get the Google page to give me a number... to call from my cell to start the forwarding, but I will get this error message.
    Call forward is disabled outside Verizon Wireless Network.

    If I first dial *72... as if I were a Verizon Customer I get THIS error.
    Call forwarding function is not allowed while roaming.

    I don't see any internal phone fuctions... I've set access to 'allow roaming' and tried the whole thing again.

    I've called tmobile, and they say they 'Don't offer call forwarding on pre-paid plains.' >={ *sigh* But my boyfriend has Google Voice setup, and we're on the same pre-paid plan! However, he is un-nazi bound with his Nexus.

    Are my hopes and dreams lost until I can get a Nexus? /jangles tin cup

    07-09-2014 05:15 PM

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