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    I've seen several topics about the built-in email app in the 4.4.2 update having problems with automatic syncing. I have kind of the opposite problem: I only want manual sync, and I think I have it configured that way, but I still get email notifications even if the email app isn't running.

    Here's my config:

    Settings->Account Settings->my account->Sync Settings->Sync Email is checked

    I've found if I uncheck this setting, I can't even do manual sync.

    Settings->Account Settings->my account->Sync Settings->Sync Schedule->Set Sync Schedule has "Manual" selected

    Any suggestions?
    07-10-2014 10:06 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    If you go into your email account, doesn't it give you the option to select Never for auto sync?

    Posted via Android Central App
    07-10-2014 02:24 PM
  3. TimB123's Avatar
    Hi, I have the same problem since upgrading to 4.4.2.

    I have three email accounts on the phone, my exchange account which is set to "push" emails to me, but two other accounts set to manual sync only, but since upgrading software they just do a random auto sync at a random time.

    Was there a fix for this at all?
    12-07-2014 03:52 PM
  4. mharp1's Avatar
    Yes, same for me on Galaxy S5 email app. Seems to be a bug in email app when sync schedule set to "manual".

    What I do is set sync schedule to "once per day". This work-around works best for me since my main pc email client (Outlook) is set to delete messages on server after retrieving them. The other option is to turn sync off. But then when I do want to sync I can't just click the sync icon, and instead have to drill down into the account settings and turn sync on. A pain. So I set it to "once per day". Surprised this isn't fixed yet. C'mon Samsung
    01-04-2015 09:48 PM
  5. Scott Danforth's Avatar
    Same problem on s7. Disappointing, like many other things on this new phone.
    08-20-2016 08:11 AM

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