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    I was just wondering if there is an app that can be downloaded that will let you turn on GPS or WiFi remotely from another device. My daughter has a Casio Commando and I downloaded Wheres my Droid and AVG anti theft but she never has her GPS or WiFi on so when I try to use either of them to track her it cannot locate her. I need one of these on for the tracking apps to work. It needs to be able to be "hidden" on the phone. Please don't judge me for tracking my kid.
    07-10-2014 07:06 PM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    If she's on your plan, your carrier may help with that via their website.
    07-10-2014 10:26 PM
  3. dpham00's Avatar
    If you have access to her Gmail account connected to the phone then you can use the Android device manager to locate her, provided that you have ADM set as a device administrator.

    It sounds like you are on Verizon, if so you can also use Verizon family locator .


    dpham00, Android Central Moderator
    Sent from my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3
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    07-11-2014 08:56 AM
  4. m1mike's Avatar
    Try Android Lost. It can do what you are asking via SMS texts.
    08-17-2016 04:58 PM
  5. Kyra Patterson's Avatar
    Is there a way to turn on my phone with another device using my gmail
    03-14-2017 09:35 PM
  6. sameerrohit's Avatar
    send me myandroid system login software link.
    08-19-2017 01:28 AM

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