1. Unregistered's Avatar
    My Motorola RAZR told me that there was an update available. I downloaded the update. Since then, it seems like my SD card has been erased. I had over 3500 songs on that card! When I go into my settings, it tells me to insert a card for mounting. The card is in the slot. My phone doesn't seem to recognize that the card is present. Putting the card in another phone, I get the same thing. I have contacted Motorola support 5 times in the past month, and no reply whatsoever. Thanks Motorola! Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
    07-12-2014 03:41 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! System updates are not supposed to affect the microSD card, but maybe there was some unfortunate glitch. Try removing the card and inserting into your computer (using a fullsize SD card adapter). Can your computer read anything on the card?
    07-13-2014 02:33 AM

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