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    Hello everyone,

    So my question is how to solve this problem. With my hotmail email account I litterally cannot delete any emails! If i delete one it pops right back up later and alerts me as if it is a new email. at first I thought I was going crazy not being sure if it was the same email or a duplicate somehow. But I am sure now having deleted 20-30 emails all at once and had them all pop back up in the same order! When in the sync settings I notice that all of my other emails have an option called "sync period". But the hotmail account is the only account that does not have this option. The weird thing is I think this option was there a month or so ago when setting up the accounts after a factory reset. Could have sworn I set up three of my accounts exactly the same.

    I am with Telus in Canada if that helps.

    07-13-2014 07:28 AM
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    Just to add some info on my situation..

    I recently removed my hotmail account from the phone due to the constant alerts from old messages popping up as new ones causing me to miss real alerts from my other accounts. But after posting this thread I decided to add it again so I could make changes according to advice I may get. And the option in sync settings I mentioned in the first post is actually called "Period To Sync Email". And Edit: its not there. I think I was looking at the wrong account settings when I thought it was there. BUT it keeps loading emails from months ago! I delete them and they pop up again. I am sure they were either marked as read or deleted by me using my phone but they keep popping up and alering me as if they were new emails! So there is no way to limit to how far back my damn phone will go to keep loading old deleted emails as new! Just removed the account again.

    Willing to try any ideas. Any advice is much appreciated as this is a fairly important account to me.

    07-13-2014 08:13 AM

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