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    I have a 450 unlimited minutes, umlimited text and data in Memphis. I phone 4. Lately been getting lower battery life after 2 years and slower pages loading. I have only exceeded one gig of data a month and never gone over the 450 talk with the free weekends and nights and free mobile to mobile. I pay $72 a month before taxes.

    I am eligible for an upgrade 9-1-2014. The Samsung Galaxy 5 or HTC One -8 will be $200. So that is like $8.33 a month over 2 years, bringing out of pocket to like $80 a month

    Thinking of the $50 plan, 1 gig of data at 4g speeds, which now I am on 3g with the Iphone. Throttle on the other if I go over but I have no idea how that would slow me down. I could use Wifi on the phone more oftern. Or I see Walmart has a $30 plan or there are other prepaid like Boost.

    I stay in Memphis and travel no more than 20 days or so a year. I may go to Nashville for a weekend, and other than the 3 hour drive, would be in a major city. I guess I need roaming just in case. The $50 plan and $27 for the phone, Id still save some money. I could get Jump but I keep my phones over a y ear.

    Phones are these two or LG, I use mine for court, calendars, responding to texts, looking up things on internet at times, dont really download apps or music, never streamed anything other than a Utube video.

    07-14-2014 02:57 PM
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    The main problem with Sprint and T-Mobile are coverage. T-Mobile continues to improve, while Sprint is relatively stagnant. Check Sensorly.com or Rootmetrics.com to get a better idea of their coverage in your area.
    02-27-2015 08:39 PM

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