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    I've just bought a Galaxy Tab Pro8.4 and am delighted with it, but as I also have a Samsung Smart TV I thought it would be easy to mirror my tablet's screen to the TV without any additional hardware. However, it appears not, as my smart TV is a series 6 model bought in 2011 (Samsung Model UE40D6510 WSXXM Series 6). I hoped I could buy an Allshare dongle (or similar) but when I spoke to Samsung product support in the UK they told me that also was not compatible with my TV and they could not suggest a solution (other than of course buying a newer model of Samsung TV!).

    I'm now wondering if buying a Google Chromecast dongle (only £30 here in the UK) might be my best option to allow me to easily mirror from my tablet to my TV. I particularly want to display streaming TV sports broadcasts from either YouTube or on Sopcast from my tablet to my TV, but would also like to be able mirror/play other things like stored vids on my tablet to my TV. I understand streaming sopcast streams to Chromecast is tricky but have found sites and Youtube videos that explain how it CAN be done.

    So my question is, do you think a Chromecast dongle would be the best soution for me, or what other options do I have?
    07-15-2014 10:33 AM

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