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    I cleared data on some apps/processes in an attempt to remove all of the text messages from my Atrix HD. The stock rom is not/ was not capable of that for some reason.

    I followed some information that stated to clear data on SIM toolkit, Phone, Phone/Messaging data.

    I made backups of all of these things ti Titanium backup. All went well, I got rid of the hoard of texts. I restarted the phone, and (paraphrasing)
    sorry but process com.android.phone has stopped working. Does this each time the radio indicator shows.
    I went to TiBackup to restore, and it shows that

    are no longer installed. I restore them, the phone functions as normal.
    I reboot. They are all gone again.
    How can I restore these files and have them survive a reboot?
    07-18-2014 10:54 PM

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