1. chsoboist's Avatar
    Ok, I've been researching sudden death, power button problems, and every such thing. Like, I've seriously read every forum and thread that could possibly pertain to me and my feud with the Galaxy sIII. And can not find an answer to my issue. So, I need your help!!
    About 4 months ago my S3 started to turn itself off. It happened more and more often till all It would do was show the samsung logo with a blue swirl, then off again. One morning, nothing. Hours with Tmobile tech support, nothing. It's a SGH-T999. Tried recovery mode, I could see it at the top of the screen, then the phone would die. No way to clear the cache or do a factory reset. All my son's second birthday pics, gone. Thanx to an extended warranty, I got a new phone. A week later, same issue. Sent it back and got another new one.
    Obviously, I've been backing up my pics religiously ever since!!
    A week ago, my fiance's phone did the same thing. Turns off and keeps trying to turn back on, but can't. This time I read about "power button" issues. We got some compressed air to try. And I lovingly beat it against my palm. Nothing. Same thing where we couldn't stay in recovery mode long enough to do anything. Couldn't reset the phone. Again, sent it back and got a new one.
    Now the new phone's dying and I'm just lost and beyond flustered!! I just want to know what's happening to our phones.
    No water damage. He never drops his phone (mine may've been another story...). 2 different users, different apps, FOUR different phones. Just...help...please...
    07-18-2014 11:29 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    You probably did this already, but what about trying a new battery?
    09-06-2014 02:35 AM

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