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    Hello all, I've been watching videos and reading reviews of the best (and cheapest) way to charge my phone wirelessly. Unfortunately, most of the products I've come across have a rather hefty pricetag, but I'm okay with that if I'm getting a quality product.

    My personal issue is charging my phone in my car. I currently have a pretty obnoxious setup - a standard dual USB port that plugs into the cigarette lighter of my car with a charging cord specifically for the S5.

    Cheap, yes, but effective, no. I drive a small car with little leg room and having a long wire, not to mention plugging my phone in every time I want to charge it, has become more of a pain than it is effective. So far I've looked at the Samsung wireless charging cover and the RavPower Qi enabled wireless charger. I have a flat platform in my car so I can set the charging pad on the console and set my phone on the charging pad. Is there a cheaper option to do this, or should I take the hit and spend $60 on the RavPower pad? Also, since it's a wireless product, would I have to charge it frequently? Sorry for all the rambling but I figured you guys could help me the most. Thanks in advance.
    07-19-2014 12:18 PM

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