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    I was trying to root the Xperia ION phone.
    I followed all the the steps mentioned(HERE) & flashed the kernel available HERE.

    BootLoader is unLocked

    Now after flashing the kernel, the device had gone in bootloop mode.
    I could access the recovery, but thats it.
    When i tried to boot to system from recovery, it once again started bootloop.

    So, from recovery i wiped the whole system partition of my fone {wipe data}.
    Now there is not bootloop, when the phone starts it just gets stuck at SONY logo & after that it doesnt go any further.

    While starting it displays a pink LED, so i can go into recovery by pressing VOL-UP key & from recovery i can go into BootLoader FastBoot Mode.

    But i cannot get the green led to get into flash mode.

    I dont know which type of bricked device is this HARD or SOFT BRICK.
    But please help.

    What should i do further so that i can again use the phone.

    Currently the phone's battery is completely dead.
    07-21-2014 11:54 PM

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