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    I have been messing with this phone for 2 weeks now just trying to find a way to get straight talks apn's info on it. Well I am no phone expert I am not a novice either.the rom is 5,0 not sure what the theme is.the phone is SCH-S9601(gp) It had 4.1 on it when I got it. my sons friend who thought he was a big bad phone hacker soft bricked it for me. The phone runs super fast on WS and I can surf the web with it off my router If I can figure out how to change the apn settings I will have at-least 3G and wont have wasted my 45 dollar card. I know this is more of a xml question but there so busy over there my question gets over looked and Ime loosing money every day. Please help. Oh and it wont let me use one of those addons from the Google market to change it I tried that about an hour ago lol. thanks in advance.
    07-22-2014 04:48 PM

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