1. AC Question's Avatar
    Is it possible to unlock the LG G2 with sprint for use with verizon? I have searched and am unable to find anything. I apologize if something has been posted in another forum. Thank you for any and all help.
    07-23-2014 03:28 PM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    It maybe possible but even if you are able to achieve this you may not be able to take full advantage of Verizon's network as in " LTE/4g " since the LG G2 from Sprint is coded to work on Sprint's specific LTE bands, etc.
    07-23-2014 04:25 PM
  3. knastabooh's Avatar
    i read that the LG G2 with sprint is coded to work with all bands
    07-23-2014 04:35 PM

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