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    Hi there everyone!

    I have an HTC One M7 (came with contract in Ireland). It was not carrier-locked or anything silly like that.

    I did do some playing around with it - for instance, I put the GPE ROM on it at one point - but then I returned it to pretty close stock spec. It still says 'Tampered' but the rest is all fine.

    I was using the phone for a goodly amount of time with absolutely no issues.

    I then moved with my girlfriend to Germany, and as I had a work phone provided, I gave the M7 to her. Now though, the phone is rebooting every minute or so after booting up.

    If I do a complete reset on the phone and start again, it typically starts working fine and no reboots occurred. I did this a couple of times but eventually it would go bad again - and it seemed to happen if the phone got very low on battery. Then, even after charging it up full whilst turned off, it would keep rebooting when switched back on.

    We actually had it working for some time with no issues but then last night, it ran out of battery - now it's doing the same thing again.

    Was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts?


    07-24-2014 05:37 AM

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