1. Michael's Avatar
    When your 8 sd card is full and your hard drive is full... And your screen is faulty despite various repairs.... What could i have done better than the following..

    Purchased class 10 32 gig sd card and a brand new slightly more rugged, waterproof Samsung S4 Active. Great transferring it all over should be a doddle....

    How wrong could i be. Backing phone a up was a sucess untill i found out that samsungs kies software completely ignores your sd card. I thought a drag and drop direct to the cards would be an easy common sence option... Nope. Will not let me card is protected and despite the usual re starts and checking card etc no sucess. After 2 calls to samsung they reassure me to download their ap... What another waste of time... Once again like all back ups... Refuses to read my sd card. Is there any failsafe way to backup and transfer our stuff between phones? Regardless of what file or folder it's in on our phone!

    It seems the only reliable way is to share all of our files with big brother via an online cloud service. Such as drop pox.... Or the recent google picture back up service that samsung have managed to get running wothout my awareness. When they force us to share everything in the cloud we then have all of the Internet provider companies flocking round with all their tricks and treasons to get more cash out of us... A phone build via a corporation to benefit corporations....

    Allegedly i can do direct file transfer via direct wifi... Great but this is for sending files file by file... Not a back up. Half of the time with such file transfers you dont get a thumbnail so cant even see what files with long numerical names are.
    07-25-2014 03:49 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    No one's forcing you to do anything. Try removing the SD card, inserting it into your computer, backing up everything to the hard drive using Windows Explorer, then inserting the new SD card, and transferring all of the data there. Apps that were moved to SD card should be moved back to Internal Storage before taking the old SD card out--otherwise, those apps will become "broken" and have to be uninstalled and reinstalled again.
    03-03-2015 11:50 PM

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