1. CarnCarnage's Avatar
    So I just replaced the LCD/Digitizer on my LG G2 and all was well.

    I plugged in the SIM, rebooted the phone, and now it won't turn on.
    No Signs of life at all, not when plugged in, nothing.

    I've held the power button, hooked to my PC, tried Volume+Power buttons, etc.

    The only issue I can imagine is that when I put it back together, I accidentally mixed up the antenna cables.

    Would a bad battery cause this? I had like 70% left in the battery before rebooting, but now it won't even show that it wants to charge.

    I reseated all of the flex cables and ensured that everything else was fine, it was just the backwards antenna cables that I put back correct again.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated, this phone is out of warranty.
    07-25-2014 11:14 PM
  2. Mu Nch Echo's Avatar
    i've got the same thing happening to my phone. i cant find any post relevant to our problem .
    11-15-2014 01:46 AM

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