1. xtan_08's Avatar

    My phone (samsung galaxy y) fell in a pail of water, it was submerged for about 5 seconds before I was finally able to take it out.
    This is what I did step-by-step (what I did was stupid but I'll be honest here):

    1. said "what the @%#!" then took out the phone
    2. wiped the external part with a towel, then took off back casing and wiped the inside as well
    3. shook phone hard enough to get a few more droplets out of the speaker
    4. tested the power button, home button, volume button, speaker and touch screen. everything seems to be working fine
    *about 5 mins later, phone gets "charging" status (91%) even though it is not being charged. blew air and wiped again the charger socket, "charging" status gone.
    4. tried charging to see if it'll work. 5 secs and unplugged the charger immediately
    *about 20 mins later, got "charging" status (88%) again
    5. restarted the phone, "charging" status gone
    *about 3 mins later, got "charging" status (89%)(yes, 91 then 88 then 89!) yet again
    6. restarted the phone, "charging" status gone
    *about an hour later, I got home and Google'd what to do then realized how stupid my actions were
    *the "charging status" did not came back
    7. took off the back casing again, but this time I also took off the battery, SIM card and sd card (found tiny droplet on sd card and a few droplets from the speaker)
    8. with the back casing, battery, SIM and sd card taken off, I just let it dry up overnight (about 10 hours)
    9. tested if it'll work fine so I put the battery back, got "charging" status again so turned it off immediately and took off battery again
    10. now, I buried it in uncooked rice. inside an airtight tupperware (lock n lock) I put a layer of uncooked rice, put my phone, put another layer of rice, put the battery, and another layer of rice. there's just a little space between the lid. (I intend to leave it for 24 hours) while I keep the case, SIM and sd card somewhere else.

    I will just get it out after 24 hours before putting it all back again and testing if everything will work fine.
    I'm thinking maybe it's about time I buy another phone but I thought I may still be able to work this one out.
    Can someone give me some advice as of what to do? And probably explain to me and give me an idea of what must have happened and what could happen? Like, what was the "charging" status (even though it's not really charging) all about?
    Thanks in advance everyone!
    07-25-2014 11:46 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Bummer. I am not sure why that happens, but the charging indicator always seems to come up when a phone has been submerged.
    07-26-2014 12:15 AM

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