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    So this is my problem...My dad bought SGS3 about 1-2 months after it launched into sale and he had till 3 or 4 days ago then he bought the SGS5 and i got the SGS3.And my dad took very good care after his S3..i mean he he cleaned him every week, bought a good case, stock ROM, screen protector and yeah...had anti-virus, master cleaner and all those goodies...oh and i rooted the phone for him soo he can activate Avast s firewall cause HE said something about battery not holding till the whole day and he taught that was because of background app synchronization and he wasn t sure he can turn off all the synchronization and plus he wanted some other app synchronization...and so i rooted the phone and he activated the firewall on most of the apps he doesen t use like some system apps like clock, calculator and any other such apps that don t by his idea need updates and stuff. After that he had that on for 1 day and the battery LASTED for the whole day! and and the battery charged soo fast after that! he said like 2-3 hours...and the charger was 5.0 volts and 1.0 amps. and 3-4 days ago i got the phone! i backed all of his data on pc soo my dad can transfer it to the S5 and the Wifi direct and such options would take a long time cause it was like 8-10 gigs. i backed all of the data, made a factory reset( just wanted a new fresh ROM without my dads name hidden somewhere inside the system and the Root stayed),and i installed my accounts, avast,master cleaner,battery doctor, fb...and soo on...and when the battery was dead(it was like 30%) i put the phone on charger and went away on my pc..i came back after like 30 mins and the phone was like on not sure but i think 10%and i taught that was slow because my previous phone was Galaxy Young Gt-S6310 4.1.2 JellyBean Stock ROM and that phone normally had a smaller screen and i charged faster...and i know that maybe the "bigger" phones should i think need more time but that was waaaayy to slow! after it was charged to like 70% i wanted to test the battery durability while playing games like GTA:SA, CS Portable, Pixel Gun etc...and i was playing for like an half an hour and it was draining soo quick! like 2-3% per 2-3 mins and i think that s fast..idk...and yeah...then my dad suggested that the battery might be dying or the charger and i went to charge it on my dad S5 charger that is 5.3 volts and 2.0 Amps and it charged 3-4% by 2-3 mins or 4-5 mins im not sure but it as very quick..like phone fully charged in 1-2-2.5 hrs and yeah...what s the problem? does anyone know? and i know there are 5.0 volts 2 amps chargers for the S3 but im not sure if this is the normal way for the stock battery and charger? THANK YOU WHOEVER HELPS! sorry for any mistakes cause my Mother language is Croatian and not English and would wish to get an answer that an 15 year old could understand! THANK YOU!!
    07-26-2014 12:07 PM
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    Well, you show a very remarkable and confident mastery of English and have given us all the details we could wish for. I am afraid, however, that I am not entirely certain what you are asking; the question is lost to me in the details. Please forgive me, but could you repeat the basic question?

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    07-26-2014 03:35 PM
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    Okay soo..my question is...how much does S3 meed to charge? and does battery lose 5% per 10 minutes while in use on medium brightness? is it a problem in my battery or charger? cause i took very fast to charge on my dads s5 and i took me 5-9 hrs on my original s3 charger?
    07-26-2014 03:58 PM
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    Okay, I think I see what you mean. Some people say that using the 'wrong' charger is okay because the phone will only draw 1A if that's what it needs, even if you use a charger rated at 2A. I am not one of those people: it seems to me that to use a charger of different specification than that recommended by the manufacturer, is to invite trouble. That is especially true if there is a voltage difference.
    It is possible that the S3 charger is failing, or perhaps the USB lead; or that the S3 battery is failing.
    If I were you I would not charge the S3 with the S5 charger....but other members would give different advice.
    The rapid discharge of the S3 battery also suggests that it may be failing.

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    07-26-2014 05:21 PM
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    Thank you for your reply! i thought the same thing...in a few days ill test teh battery life again and charging and then ill get a new battery! Thanks again for reply! helped me decide to get a new battery/charger!
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    07-26-2014 07:18 PM

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