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    Ok So I have an HTC One m7. and I had CyanogenMod installed. Then jsut today I decided I would go back to Sense 6. So I download Android Revolution HD 71.1 for m7 install it on my phoen. Then CWM(Which I hate btw and can't uninstall no matter what I do) says your phone is not rooted would you like to root it when I click reboot phone. No matter which I click I get stuck on the HTC logo boot logo. I don't care if I lose my data or anything so I click factory reset, then wipe cache, then wipe dalvik cache. Then I get the error were it constantly says cant mount /cache or whatever. So to fix it i wipe Dalvik Cache again. Then I try sideloading ViperOne Rom. Guess what It give me *failed to write 'protocol fault <no status> *
    Then I tried formatting my data with CWM which took 2 hours and still didn't complete so I rebooted(which led to more problems) Now I cant say install from sdcard because it gives me the error E: Can't Mount /sdcard. So that means I cant adb push Viper /sdcard. I have no Idea what to do. Help me please!

    That was the support I asked for on xda developers where I got very little help.
    Now I'm on TWRP Recovery. Entire SDCARD is wiped so I have no roms. When I try to sideload a Rom it gets stuck at 1% forever. When I try to adb push a file into my sdcard nothing it happens it freezes my computer. When I try to format data I get an error saying E: can t mount /cache or something like that. Any help is appreciated. PLEASE HELP
    07-26-2014 06:08 PM

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