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    I am working on a GT 2 7.0 for a friend of mine. The digitizer had a spider web crack pattern and they had stopped using it for quite some time.

    I disassembled the whole unit per the directions here, but, accidentally ripped the LCD cable. I have since replaced that cable.

    I also noticed a scratch on the LCD, not sure if it was from when they cracked the screen, or when I used the opening tool, so I also installed a new LCD.

    I temporarily put everything back together, plugging in all the cables and just attaching a few of the motherboard screws so I could plug in the charging cable. I didn't want to glue the screen back on until I was sure everything was completely functional.

    When I plug it in, there is nothing on the screen at all. It stays dark. I'm certain the battery is completely dead. I'm wondering, will there be any signs of life in this condition? Will the unit need to charge for a few hours before the battery will come back, or should I see some indication that there is actually life and everything is plugged in correctly?

    I've taken great care with the connector on the back of the new LCD, but, I have not yet tried using the old LCD with a scratch. I want to be as careful as possible because this cable is so fragile.

    Thanks in advance.
    07-27-2014 01:50 AM

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