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    I got drunk last night and my brother and my friend changed my password because my brother knows my password to my phone. And i woke up this morning and tryed to log on my phone and my clever friend, told me i must have changed it while i was drunk last night, so i believed it. So i just kept trying different passwords and it locked me out. So after to many incorrect logins it told me to use my google email to login, and i enter it and it proceeds to tell me my password to me email is wrong when its not just because it has 2 step verification.

    My friend finally told me the password to get in my phone. But it doesn't do me any good now because the only option to get in is through my gmail. And i can't get into my email if i cant use my phone because the google authenticator is on my phone. I am kind of hesitant to take it to the store because not only did he change the password but he changed the background picture to a picture of a girl all nude showing her private parts. What are my options now?

    its seems like my only options are to recover my email or bring my phone back to the store. Are these my only options???
    07-27-2014 09:01 PM
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    Try these support articles:

    I would also suggest getting new friends. Or at least slapping that one upside the head.
    03-30-2015 12:59 AM

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