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    Like everyone, I've been wondering why my email won't sync automatically anymore. When I first got my S5, emails would sync left and right and I would receive updated emails every 5 minutes...and then one day...no auto-sync

    What I have tried:
    -data mobile, data restrictions off and email still doesn't sync
    -deleting the account, re-making the account, refreshes emails. *only lasts momentarily*
    -and other various ways from people's advice.

    WHAT WORKED!!! Directions below
    -tap settings
    -tap email application
    -manage accounts
    -tap email account you use (....@gmail/yahoo/hotmail.com)
    -tap sync settings and make sure SYNC EMAIL is checked
    -tap sync schedule and while on this page
    -set synch schedule to...(every 5 min. or every 10 min. whichever one you want)
    -then go back one page where it then shows *While Roaming*
    - two choices, manual or use above settings, and choose above settings!!!
    - then go back and what I did, was turn off peak schedule
    - after I exited and went back to my home page where the EMAIL APP was...VOILA!!! EMAIL synced and were refreshing every 5 minutes!!!

    Hope this helps!! (I struggled for weeks trying to figure this out)
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    07-28-2014 01:59 PM
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    Glad you got it working But if you have an Exchange account, you shouldn't be setting it to check every 5 minutes as this will drain your battery faster. Most e-mail accounts these days support Push messages.
    07-28-2014 03:35 PM

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