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  1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have a Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005) running 4.4.2. Had it for just less than a year.

    Everything is running fine when I am in my home country (Singapore) and the battery lasts forever, but have huge battery drain problems when I travel and on international roaming (I use date roaming as well). Never had this problem until a month ago, when I travelled to South Korea and China. The battery drains 15% to 20% an hour and the phone becomes quite hot. Also, the phone becomes very slow.

    I had Clean Master installed and cleared as much junk as possible. I have also disabled quite a lot of apps that I hardly use. I turned off wifi, bluetooth, location services and whatever else I can think of. I tried turning of the data roaming. I tried switching away from LTE, as China did not have LTE, so I thought that the phone could be constantly searching for an LTE signal. I rebooted the phone numerous times. All did not work.

    I compared the settings and running apps with a colleague's phone (which was working fine) which is identical to mine, and replicated the settings, but to no avail.

    I am at a loss here, and I'm not sure a factory reset will help and that is something I'm trying to avoid. Anybody else is facing (or faced) this same problem, and have found a fix or solution?

    07-29-2014 12:53 AM
  2. tg0dmw's Avatar
    Hi, im from singapore too. And am experiencing the exact same problem. Cant seem to find anything else on the net regarding our problem. Please post here if u find a solution.
    07-29-2014 03:17 PM
  3. Jen Tan's Avatar
    I have exactly the same problem.

    When in Singapore 100% lasts a day
    In Austrailia, using Optus network 100% lasts 3hrs without touching
    Went to Samsung centre and they said its the Optus network.
    I just went to Tokyo and Battery drains super fast and phone becomes very hot.
    Have tried deleting all programs factory reset etc. Doesnt help

    Back to Singapore and it functions normal again.

    What do i do?
    08-03-2014 12:12 AM
  4. tron815's Avatar
    I've tried everything except factory reset but since Jen has said that it does not work, I'm not going to try it. So Samsung themselves were of no help?

    I just came back from Malaysia, and faced exactly the same thing, as I have faced in Korea and China. GSam even had the phone temp as high as 45 degrees.

    However, I looked at the data usage, I noticed that the Swiftkey app was using a tremendous amount of data, up to 200mbps a day. somehow Swiftkey was downloading something. Back in Singapore, it is negligible. I have since deleted swiftkey, but I only found out a couple of hours before flying out of Malaysia back to Singapore, so not enough time to check properly.

    If any of you are using Swiftkey, maybe you can see whether that is causing the problem.
    08-04-2014 10:36 PM
  5. CH Leong's Avatar
    Facing the exact same. Problem. The application manager shows huge usage by system settings. Sending and receiving SMS is also intermittent. I'm wondering if it has to do with a faulty sim card. I have tried resetting the phone but the problem persists. Not only the battery drains, but it heats up and it becomes incredibly slow, as if there is a lot running in the background. Planning to test if it is a faulty sim.
    08-08-2014 08:54 AM
  6. tron815's Avatar
    Please do let us know if it is a faulty sim.

    Samsung is of no help. All they did was to advice on the usual battery saving tips, even after I told them i have already tried all that. Otherwise, they advise to return to samsung service center in which I'm sure they will just do a factory reset.....which Jen already said it doesn't work.
    08-11-2014 03:00 AM
  7. James Zijian's Avatar
    Hi i am facing the same problems as well. I am working in Malaysia so it's very frustrating. Just to check what network are all of you on. Me, my cousin n uncle all faces this problem and all 3 of us on Singtel. So was suspecting problem is a network problem. Had reset my network but it's still useless.
    08-14-2014 08:50 AM
  8. Stefan999's Avatar
    Exactly same issue, also Singtel.
    Can the rest of you please confirm that you are on Singtel or other provider, if so we need to get Singtel to fix the issue. I'm trying the Samsung route now, but so far only got standard email back, tried again .....
    08-18-2014 01:44 AM
  9. RoyT99's Avatar
    Same problem and also on Singtel. Anyone on Multi-SIM? I was using this phone since last year and have been travelling with no problem. Last city that was OK was Tokyo in May. However, I was on M1 until June this year. In Jul/Aug, I have travelled to Bangkok, Hong Kong and I'm now in Malaysia. Facing the same issue in all three cities.

    Contacted Samsung Service Centre and the CSO claimed that no one has complained about the problem.

    Network: Singtel (Multi-SIM) / HK: CSL / MY: MY MAXIS
    Baseband Version: N9005DXUFNG1
    08-18-2014 04:34 AM
  10. Stefan999's Avatar
    my samsung ref number is 2119634583
    But that was a copy pasted reply, I replied back and referenced this thread :-)
    and asked them to read my message, not only copy past the reply.
    No answer yet.
    My phone have been Singtel from day one, have been OK before, last trip that was OK was Dec last year, since then problem in HK in July and Malaysia this weekend.

    I used to have Multi-sim, but have cancelled that service, so have same physical SIM card but service not activated anymore.

    So far only issues from Singapore and three cases from Singtel, and none from other telco reported. I'm more and more convinced that it is a issue with the singtel firmware, but why would they do any changes to the base android that have such bad impact. S5 does not seams to have the issue, I'm guessing that S5 and note 3 have very similar firmware??
    So need to try to report to Singtel ....
    08-18-2014 06:21 AM
  11. RoyT99's Avatar
    It's interesting that this issue is not yet widely reported. So it could be a specific combi of factors which we have yet to narrow down other than it seems to affect Singtel SIM while roaming overseas. I have also read in other forum mentioning Singtel but not other telco.

    You are right - it appears that this affects only Note 3. I am using multi-SIM and my Note 10.1 is roaming well with everything (WIFI + Data) turned on. My friend's S5 (also on Singtel) is not having battery problem (though not data roaming). But data roaming or not appears to have minimal impact on the battery drain problem.

    I have attached the battery drain pattern (which I recorded today) to show the impact of different function being turned on/off.

    Update: You will realise that the phone stays awake all the while once the flight mode is turned off. It is not the case when I was in Singapore. The phone should go to sleep until it is needed (as it was in Singapore). Something is stopping the phone from going to sleep. It shouldn't be a rogue app as that should cause the same problem in Singapore too.

    Galaxy Note 3 drastic battery drain while on international roaming-screen-shot-2014-08-18-6.25.21-pm.png
    08-18-2014 06:39 AM
  12. Stefan999's Avatar
    This is my latest reply from Samsung.

    Reference Number: 2119645937

    Thank you for your email dated 18 August 2014.

    We have reviewed your care with careful analysis and even consulted our senior mobile support team for analysis.

    We did ran some test by using local Singapore set models and travelled to Malaysia. We have checked even with our colleague who lives in Malaysia and confirmed that battery drain fast was not the issue when using local Singapore models.

    But what we are suspecting that it could probably the network wherein we will advise you to test local SIMCARD if its possible (from Malaysia / Hongkong) and compare it.

    You also have mentioned that Samsung Galaxy S5 never had issues.

    This might be an isolated case wherein we may need to know the outcome of this case after you have tested a local SIMCARD.

    Alternatively, you may either request for a new SIMCARD from your Telco as part of the troubleshooting procedures.

    We seek for your patience as this case has been forwarded to the relevant department for further investigation.

    Kindly send us a feedback after you have done tested a local SIMCARD as this is part of the procedure and documentation.

    We look forward to be of service to you again.

    Anyone can test with local Malaysia SIM card! Reply to Samsung and use my reference number from above

    I have also seen that the phone never goes to sleep, so same issue.
    08-18-2014 08:41 AM
  13. Stefan999's Avatar
    Sorry it looks terrible, Not sure how to make a table ...

    To summarize:
    • User,Country, Provider, Firmware, Countries with issue
    • AC Question, Singapore, ? , Korea China
    • tg0dmw, Singapore, ? , ?, ?
    • Jen Tan, Singapore, ? , ? , Australia (Optus) Japan
    • Tron815, Singapore, ? ,? , Korea China
    • CH Leong, ?, ? , ?
    • James Zijian * 3, Singapore, ? , ? , Malaysia
    • Stefan999, Singapore, Singtel, Kernel 24 Jul 3.4.0-23224333, HongKong China Malaysia
    • RoyT99, Singapore, Singtel, latest?, Thailand, HongKong, Malaysia

    The rest of you please reply to this thread and tell us your data, then we can go to Singtel/Samsung with this data.
    I have a friend with a singtel note 3 which have never been upgraded, it works perfect in Malaysia. So strong suggestion that it is singtel firmware released sometimes May+ this year that is the issue. If anyone have this issue with another provider please post so that we know!
    08-18-2014 08:32 PM
  14. RoyT99's Avatar
    My Device Info:
    Kernel Version: 3.4.0-2322433 24 JUL 19:29:42 dpi(at)SWDD5605#1
    Build Number: KOT49H.N9005DXUFNG2
    Baseband: N9005DXUFNG1

    I did not have time to test with a local Malaysia SIM card as I was flying back to Singapore. However, I have made the following tests (Test #2 is significant):

    1) Insert my SIM card into another device (Note 10.1) and no problem. Can call and data roam with no battery drain or heat - so it is not a faulty SIM.
    2) Insert same SIM card into Note 3 but change the Network Operator from "My Maxis" to "DiGi" - Battery drain and heat problem went away! The phone also went to sleep when not in use. So it appears that it is network related but specific to Note 3 (since there was no problem with the same SIM card on another device). All the previous networks I had problem with were on Singtel "preferred" operators - CSL in Hong Kong, AIS in Thailand and My Maxis in Malaysia. I also noted Optus in Australia is also Singtel preferred operator, which Jen had problem with. I also checked my bill just now and realised that on the day I had no problem in HK, I was with Hutchison instead of CSL.
    08-19-2014 02:20 AM
  15. Stefan999's Avatar
    RoyT99, sounds like a very good finding.
    I will be overseas next week, I will test and confirm your findings.
    Samsung have replied to my last message saying that they are reviewing what I said, so nothing from them yet.
    08-20-2014 08:18 PM
  16. Akopio's Avatar
    Hi All, i have exactly the same problem. i am on singtel mobile line. facing serious battery drain when i am at Malaysia. visited Malaysia twice in last 1month and both trip encountered the same issue of fast draining of battery . once i am back to SG, everything is back to normal. not sure whether this is related to singtel roaming with Malaysia or for all?

    pls let us know if anyone find out any solution to this.
    08-21-2014 05:59 AM
  17. chrishye's Avatar
    I had exactly same issue when doing roaming in Vietnam & Malaysia. In Malaysia, 5 of my friends who use Note3, 4 have same battery draining & heating issue. The only one don't have problem is my wife who got Note3 on their first batch (when just released), M1 user. I got mine less than 3mth ago. Singtel user too. Checked with one of them, singtel user too. Samsung answer her tat most likely is due to network problem.

    Few tests i did while roaming. Sharing here so we can have more ideas...
    1) Heating issue not difference between LTE, 3G or 2G while roaming
    2) Disable mobile network while enable wifi (swt to aeroplane mode first then enable wifi to local wifi), problem resolved
    3) Switching to different local network SOMETIMES help to resolve the issue but Singtel preferred partner definitely have heating issue. This doesn't mean is singtel partner issue only bcoz it COULD be the note3 mobile RF some how having problem to lock to local operator's tower transmission and thus increasing power trying to lock to the carrier. Increasing powwr means hotter and more power drain. Didnt try to use local sim card.
    4) Some chat room suggested the problem was due to SD card. Removed my SD card when in malaysia last week. Did improve but still have heating issue (just take slightly longer time to get heat up).

    From all sharing below and my test, i think below questions might help to find root cause:
    1) Anyone who tried local sim card and see the problem go away? This will help to clarify if it is handset issue...
    2) Any one who is NOT singtel user and has same problem?
    3) Anyone who dont use Swiftkey yet had same problem (refering to tron185 observation below)?

    08-21-2014 08:50 PM
  18. RoyT99's Avatar
    Chrishye, thanks for the update. All these help to narrow down the problem.

    On your observations, allow me provide more info/comments.
    1) My Note 3 is also Batch 1 (very first day of release :-)) Not rooted. So the link is Singtel + Roaming. And I don't use SwiftKey.
    2) SD Card problem relates to another issue that is systematic - meaning that it affects users globally across different networks. It was a particular SD card that was giving problem. In your case, removing the SD Card will certainly reduced Batt use as there is no need to search/read/write to the SD card. However, as you have mentioned, the heat problem persisted.
    3) So far no one from M1 or SH has reported this problem.

    It is interesting that you said different network SOMETIMES help. When you meant SOMETIMES, have you had problem with non-Singtel preferred network operator? My experience so far is when I switch to non-Singtel operator, the problem goes away. I actually tested this during my trip to Malaysia (and Hong Kong) as mentioned in my earlier post. So if you had tested and had problem with non-Singtel preferred operators, then my hypothesis is proven wrong.

    I'm travelling to Indonesia today and let me test this (switching network). Again, not enough time to get local SIM card unless someone can tell me where to get a local SIM in Bintan :-)
    08-21-2014 09:14 PM
  19. tron815's Avatar
    Good information here. Thanks all. BTW, I posted the first question as AC Question, before I registered as Tron815.

    I am also on Singtel (phone purchased end Sept 2013 from Singtel) and the problem only started in June when I was in Korea in Jeju Island. However, the weirdest thing is that all went back to normal when I went to Seoul. In Seoul, I had strong 4G signal, whereas it was not the case in Jeju and the other countries I went to.

    I just came back from Myanmar where there is no data roaming from Singtel, but the problem still persists, although not as bad as when data roaming is on, so we can surmise that the problem is there whether or not data roaming is turned on. I have also deleted switfkey, but it did not help.

    However, from all of the above posts, there still doesn't seem to be a solution to this as yet, except narrowing it down to possible only Singtel subscribers are affected. I don't think a local SIM will cause the problem because if there is no problem on home networks, then there should no be on a local SIM. Somewhere, somehow, from what I read above, Singtel and its roaming partners prevents the phone from sleeping..... I have not tried a non-Singtel preferred network, but pointless for me, as I need the data roaming.

    I agree with Stefan999, and gather as much information and data as possible and go to Singtel and Samsung. I will be travelling to multiple cities in the next few weeks. I will test more in all these places and update.
    08-22-2014 12:04 AM
  20. Xeoc3's Avatar
    Same issue on my note 3 which purchased in Singapore at one of a phone shop, not from any telco in singapore. Therefore I don't think is cause by "Singtel firmware" in note 3.

    My conclusion is, it happen only with Singtel sim card.
    At Malaysia, with Singtel Sim card (Singapore Telco), Battery drain fast and hot, there is a message "Not connected to internet" keeps on display at bottom of the screen. or when with WIFI conected, the message keeps on display as "WIFI connected" even after restart the phone also useless. the message forever shows there until back to Singapore.

    At Singapore, with Digi Sim card(Malaysia telco), No issue at all. work fine.

    Ps: I have Both msia and sg sim card and travel everyday between msia and sg.
    I did the following but no help
    1) Updated on 24 Jul 2014
    2) Factory Reset.
    3) Went to Samsung service center near Commonwealth MRT, changed the motherboard.
    08-22-2014 12:10 AM
  21. tron815's Avatar
    Hi Stefan999, maybe you could get back to Samsung and have them test out the Note 3 with a Singtel SIM card? They said they tested but maybe they were using a Starhub/M1 SIM card?
    08-22-2014 12:34 AM
  22. Stefan999's Avatar
    Tron815, I asked them to confirm what firmware that they had used for their test, their reply was:

    Reference Number: 2119680531

    Thank you for your email dated 19 August 2014.

    We are currently in the process of a review and will surely update you in due course.

    This will also be forwarded to our senior mobile support team for further analysis.

    Please be assured that you will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss and seek an appropriate solution accordingly.

    We appreciate your patience and looking forward to be of service to you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Anthony Olivares
    Samsung Customer Care

    I read that as, sorry we have already given you all our standard answer, do not expect any more effort from our side .....
    I also asked them to read this thread and I asked for a email that i can reply to instead of using their web site, but they did not bother to say anything about that.

    Xeoc3, what firmware do you have, I do not think the issue is the SIM card, I think it is the Singtel firmware that tried to set itself to the Singtel preferred telco.
    When the firmware does this, it does this so often or something make the phone not go to sleep.

    I suggest that all of you send a message to Samsung and report this issue, feel free to reference this thread and my reference numbers above.
    08-22-2014 01:18 AM
  23. t4tortoise's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Looks like I am not alone!

    Experiencing this in Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand.

    Unfortunately I am also Singtel Cust.

    Got my note3 on first launch and kept it updated. don't use swiftkey.

    Same issue:
    - Battery drain super fast and hot,
    - also have the black message box w white text "Not connected to internet" CONSTANTLY popping up n diss appearing at bottom of the screen. With WIFI conected, the message keeps on display as "WIFI connected" (this notification does not stop at all!! It's just which message is shown)
    - no change even after restarting the phone.

    Really at a loss... Will contract both Stinktel n samsung when I get back to sg
    Stinktels help page is so moronic... Telling u to switch off everything.
    08-22-2014 10:04 AM
  24. RoyT99's Avatar
    Update from Indonesia.

    No problem at all with all three telcos that I could connect to: TELKOMSEL, INDOSAT & XL. WIFI & Data Roaming all turned on. I even tether internet to my laptop to type this and my phone stayed just as cool :-). TELKOMSEL is Singtel preferred operator and all three telcos have no 4G service.

    My initial thought was that it could be linked to 4G availability. But since Tron815 and t4tortise said they experienced the problem in Myanmar and Indonesia, then it seems to rule that out.

    What I have done differently this trip is before I travel, I did the following while STILL IN SINGAPORE:
    1) Manually select Singtel as the Network Operator.
    2) Disable Network Lock feature by Singtel again (Disable by dialling *100*5*2#). According to Singtel: “Network Lock protects you from unintended pay-per-use data charges on non-preferred network
    when you are on DataRoam Saver plans.”

    When I arrived Indonesia, the phone indicated that Singtel is no longer available. From there, I first manually selected INDOSAT as the Network Operator. All was well and I went on to change the operator (XL then TELKOMSEL) after testing for a few hours. I did another cycle of operator change just to make sure it’s not by chance. Stayed with TELKOMSEL since last night with no problem.

    When I was in Malaysia, my Network Lock was already disabled prior to travel. So that may not be the sole factor. But prior to this Indonesia trip, I have always set the phone to automatically select network. Maybe that's why when I changed the network to another operator, the problem went away.

    Will test this again when I travel to Australia next.

    Do note that when you disable Network Lock, you may accidentally data roam on multiple providers and hence may have to pay more. In my test, I data roamed on all the network so mobile data was not a factor.

    btw, I have also logged this problem with Samsung.
    08-23-2014 04:51 AM
  25. Xeoc3's Avatar
    Hi Stefan999

    My phone is not purchased from any telco in singapore, therefore, there is no "singtel firmware" inside.
    My note 3 details as follows:

    Data roaming Turn Off on note3, also called Singtel to disable Data Roaming because note3 allow data roaming to "leak" out for few KB even data roaming on note3 is OFF.
    Simcard : SingTel postpay(got issue while roaming in MY) / DIGI prepaid card (no issue while roaming in SG)
    Model = SM-N9005

    Android version= 4.4.2

    Baseband Version = N9005DXUFNG1
    Kernal version :
    dpi"AT"SWDD5605 #1 ( this thread doesn't allow to post link, there is a "at" sign there)
    Thu Jul 24 19:29 KST 2014

    Built number = KOT49H.N9005DXUFNG2

    SE for Android status :
    Thu Jul 24 19:29:20 2014

    Security software version
    MDF v1.0 realease 2
    08-24-2014 11:51 PM
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