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    I have a HTC DNA droid from Verizon, I had it working with my straight talk plan a few months ago, my iphone is ruined and i want to go back to using this phone. I had to do a factory reset because i couldnt remeber the password, and the set up wizard is trying to connect itself to verizon. its saying please wait while your phone connects to Verizon and automatially activates. my straight talk sim card is in the phone, I need it to stop doing this or skip it or something and none of the buttons i can press will skip it.....PLEASE HELP
    07-29-2014 08:36 PM
  2. UJ95x's Avatar
    Is the Sim card still in service? That might be why it doesn't connect. Try a carrier store and see if they can help you set it up.

    Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SOKP 4.4.2
    07-29-2014 10:09 PM

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