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    I updated my Lenovo P780 to KitKat Android 4.4.2 version last night - following are the problems
    1. i cannot use my keyboard as it has become inactive
    2. Facebook not responding
    2. Youtube not responding
    3. Unfortunately Maps has stopped

    Unfortunately Lenovo Launcher Has Stopped

    Please refrain from giving highly technical answers.

    Give answers so that a lay man can understand - i am a kind of person who just buys the phone and starts using it .. while Google and Android has made that very difficult - i do not know how the old people and other less educated people who used Android phones

    I never faced this problem with my Apple iOS updates. i am not trying to compare but this is fact - Google and Android both are very amateurish.
    07-29-2014 11:19 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Was this an official update from Lenovo or your carrier that automatically installed, or was it an update that you had to download yourself from somewhere and go through a number of steps to install?

    You might consider doing a factory reset, which will wipe the phone--so make sure you backup first. The P780 is a relatively low-end phone--you'd probably get a better experience from one of the various flagship phones that are much more on par with iPhones when it comes to performance (and price).

    The Android update process is a long and convoluted one that involves multiple players (Google, the device manufacturer, and the wireless carrier), with a huge variety of phones, so it is much more complex than iOS updates, which go out to a very limited variety of hardware. I wouldn't call it amateurish. If updates are a headache to you, consider a Nexus device or a Google Play Edition device, which get system updates quickly from Google.
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    07-30-2014 01:29 AM
  3. sai praneetha's Avatar
    hey dear,
    Am also an user of lenovo p780..i can find u a solution for AOSP keyboard..
    you can dowanload a AOSP keyboard from play store..it is damn good than the previous one we have experienced...
    also having many other features.. its SWIFT KEY app...
    try it u'll luv it..
    09-08-2014 05:24 AM
  4. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    I find it very hard to believe you have the same problems as the OP even down to having previously had an Apple phone. Please detail what your problem is and explain whether you have tried the keyboard solution referred to in the thread and if so what happened.
    06-17-2016 11:12 AM

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