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    My phone ran out of battery this morning. All I was doing was reading Reddit with its own app. I popped it into the regular charger, left it like I normally do and come back to find the screen is simply blank. No charging icon at all. I removed the battery, waited for a few, reinserted and tried again but no dice. I've tried using other sockets, no dice.

    I have countless pictures of my son and videos that I will be forever heart broken if I lose. Can I do anything to repair my phone? Or at the least, access those videos and photos?

    Thank you.
    07-30-2014 05:14 AM
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    I knew a friend that had same problem? he just needed a new battery so give it a shot. Here is a OEM one. Amazon.com: Samsung Original Genuine OEM Samsung Galaxy S3 2100 mAh Spare Replacement Li-Ion Battery with NFC Technology for All Carriers - Non-Retail Packaging - Silver: Cell Phones & Accessories

    With NFC/google wallet. its is cheap so give it a shot.

    And have the phone ever been in water?

    And is it just plain dead no vibration /lights?

    And it should improve your battery life as well even if it wasn,t it.

    But it most likely is.

    07-30-2014 05:30 AM

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