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    Every now and again, I'll unplug my phone in the morning and it'll say the battery is at 100% but after a few seconds, it'll drop down to a lower percent. I'm using an app that shows what the battery is doing while its charging. I've attached a screen shot. Anyone know why its doing this? Thanks

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    Attached Thumbnails S3 charge jumps-screenshot_2014-07-30-06-31-14.jpg  
    07-30-2014 08:54 AM
  2. Kamakazzi's Avatar
    Anyone have this happen?

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    08-01-2014 11:25 AM
  3. srkmagnus's Avatar
    It's a bad battery - purchase a replacement and give it a good charge.
    08-01-2014 11:52 AM
  4. Kamakazzi's Avatar
    I just bought it about a month ago and the battery before this one did the same thing...

    Posted via Galaxy S3
    08-02-2014 12:11 PM

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