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    Im sure this question is better suited for a VZW sales rep, but to be honest id like not to deal with them, if possible. I have a rooted galaxy s5 that I would like to install cyanogenmod on. Here is the caveat; I am part of a plan through verizon where every 12 months I trade my phone in for a new one at half contract price, but only if I trade my last one in. I am worried that by installing cyanogen that I will void the contract in some way. I wouldnt think it would be a problem, because they are just going to flash the stock ROM when they turn around and sell it, anyways.... but when I first got the phone the guy goes "whatever you do, don't root or flash this phone!" which has put the fear of god in me that I will be buying a 600 dollar phone at the end of this contract... which I will hop on the bandwagon and say, is just straight up stupid, that this is even something to be concerned about. Even at our local samsung store, the employees agree that locking the bootloader was a dumb move on samsungs part and that they, themselves, use cyanogenmod.

    I hope one of you all are able to help me. I was able to disable a bunch of samsung aps by rooting but I still face the problem of it taking up space. I want to just "can" the bloat, ui, and other VZW and Samsung involvement with a new UI
    07-30-2014 04:22 PM
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    You could probably unroot the phone prior to trade in. So long as you don't disturb the Knox counter you may get away with it. Disabling Knox will sure void the contract as well as the warranty.

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    07-30-2014 04:37 PM
  3. Thor Strolia-Davis's Avatar
    I see. So if I can find a way to enter the bootloader and install it without tripping knox in the process, I should be in the clear; if I don't, and the knox counter is tripped, it voids contract and Id suspect hard brix my phone in the process.... fun fun. alright, well, I know there isnt an official Cyanogenmod release for s5, yet. Any ideas of when we might see it? maybe .8? and do you know if the installer would trip knox, as opposed to trying to unlock the bootloader?
    07-30-2014 10:35 PM

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